How Can I Help? 

I can provide complete assessments and effective consultation and therapy for the following areas:

Speech (articulation/phonology)


Is your child’s speech difficult to understand? A speech sound disorder is a communication disorder in which children have persistent difficulty saying words or sounds correctly. Correct speech sound production relies on accurate articulation which requires the correct movement and placement of the tongue, lips, and jaw.


A phonological process disorder occurs when children have difficulty organizing the patterns of sounds in the brain to correctly form a word.


Motor Speech (Apraxia)

Children with Apraxia have difficulty speaking clearly because their brains cannot plan and coordinate the movements of their lips, tongue and jaw. They often do not babble as infants and begin talking much later than their peers. When children with Apraxia do speak, it is hard for others to understand them.

Literacy (reading and spelling)

Is your child struggling to read and spell? Literacy — the ability to read and write — enables us to communicate with others and learn about our world. To develop literacy skills, children first need speech and language skills. Specifically, your child may need extra support to develop phonological awareness skills. These skills allow a child to recognize that individual sounds make up words and develop the ability to identify and manipulate these sounds.

Expressive and Receptive Language

Is your child struggling to communicate needs, wants and ideas? Feeling frustrated? Expressive language is how we use our language to communicate meaning. This includes the vocabulary we use, grammar and conversational skills.


Does your child seem lost during interactions or struggle to follow instructions? Receptive language is the ability to understand meaning. This includes understanding words, sentences and conversation.




Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties

Is feeding or mealtimes difficult or stressful? Does your baby or child refuse to eat or show no interest in eating? Perhaps your child will only eat a few select foods or struggles to chew and swallow age appropriate forms of food. Does your baby or child frequently cough or sound congested during or after feeding? Left untreated, feeding and swallowing disorders can cause serious health issues, child and family stress, social difficulties and even life-threatening situations.


Rates starting at $130/hr. 


The Canada Revenue Agency considers fees paid to a private Speech-Language Pathologist to be a tax-deductible medical expense. Speech therapy services are also GST exempt.


Many insurance providers offer health care benefits that cover private speech language services. Please check with your provider to determine if services are covered.